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Good and bad combination of Food Stuffs

June 30, 2013

Health of every member of a family largely depends upon the female members. Kitchen is the biggest dispensary in every household. Functioning of metabolic system depends upon the good and bad combination of food stuffs. Therefore it is necessary to know about it:

Good combination of food stuffs:
1. Mango and dates with milk
2. Sugar water with muskmelon
3. Small cardamom after eating banana
4. Coconut with rice
5. Radish with their leaves
6. Methi Saag with carrot
7. Tamarind with Gud
8. Maze with Mattha
9. Guava with Saunf
10. Anar after taking meal
11. Curd with Mung Yush, ghee, sugar, honey, Amla powder

Bad food combination
1. Milk and- salt and Gud made products, honey, banana, Indian plump, lemon, acidic fruit, tamarind, Moth, Sem, Urad, Kathal, Sahjan, coconut, green vegetables, radish, etc
2. Fruits which should not be taken in the morning- Banana, Jamun, Gular, ginger, coconut extracts, gular etc
3. Never take Ghee and honey in equal quantity
4. Never take curd with following stuffs- Milk, Kheer, Cottage cheese, banana, radish, muskmelon, Bel etc
5. Never take following stuffs after meal- Banana, Kakdi, Kamal Naal, Miss, Shalook, Potato, Arvi, Kachaloo, stuffs made of sugar cane
6. Never take following stuffs after sunset- Radish, Kheera, Curd, etc
7. Never take radish, butter and Gud together
8. Curd and radish with Urad
9. Kheer with Khichadi and Sattu
10. Vinegar with Rice
11. Pudi with Kanji
12. Poi cooked in mustard oil
13. Curd in winter, summer and spring
14. Avoid bathing immediately after exposure in sunlight
15. Avoid taking meal when you are immensely tired
16. When a person is troubled due to excess of hot ambience, don’t give him milk to drink
17. When you are tired due speaking a lot, avoid taking meal

So bad combination of meal may cause the problems like- impotency, deafness, hysteria, piles, skin diseases, fever, acidity etc.


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